Outdoor Dining For Home Entertaining

To me, warmer weather means outdoor dining and relaxed entertaining. Who can resist the draw of a Summer breeze on a deck, patio or apartment balcony?! As long as you have some outdoor space you can enjoy stylish outdoor dining.

Decor Pad pictures makes it so easy to fall in love with design and their outdoor dining pictures got me in the summer mood. Because dining outside is usually a more casual affair, the old rules of meals at a formal dining table need not apply. Whether you sit at a bar, coffee table or traditional dining table, it can all be done stylishly.

Outdoor Dining

A key thing to remember is to make sure you have plenty of light if you entertain in the evening. LED landscape lighting in the yard coupled with hanging lanterns or wall lights will make your patio that much more functional and decorative. This Better Homes & Gardens article has more on this subject.

Also, just because it’s outside doesn’t mean you should skimp on comfort. Make sure to have cushions and pillows galore to make everybody comfortable and want to stay late into the night.

Because you may be further away from the kitchen when entertaining outside, it’s great to have large trays at hand to carry more things out, avoiding many trips back and forth. Buckets filled with ice will also keep drinks cold so that guests need not get up for multiple trips inside.

Whether you have a hippie or high brow aesthetic, outdoor dining is one of the joys of summer and should not be missed. See this article for more.