Our Las Vegas Asian Escort Experience

Last year my boyfriend James and I decided to hire an escort for our anniversary. We had never done anything like that before. The most experimental we had ever gotten was at a strip club. So this experience was definitely different for us.

Even though we live in Las Vegas, the call girl center of the country, we didn’t know any escort etiquette, which lent the situation to some awkward moments. The whole situation was a little uncomfortable, but was also a great experience that we will repeat someday.

My boyfriend and I have been a fan of going to strip clubs together almost since the beginning of our relationship. We enjoy being there, drinking there and getting lap dances there. We both partake and we both enjoy. There are never any issues of jealousy.

Often our fantasies involve strippers that escalate into dirty threesomes. And because we both have so much fun and enjoy the experiences and fantasies so much, we decided that for one of our anniversaries we would get a hotel room and hire an escort.

We were both totally nervous, having never done anything like this before, so we tried preparing as much as possible beforehand. We searched for the perfect escort, and the two of us decided to set some ground rules so nothing that made either of us uncomfortable would happen. We even came up with a code behavior that meant, Something that I’m not particularly comfortable with is going on and needs to stop. What we were looking for was an attractive, fun, sexy, naughty Asian woman to come out and dance for us.

We wanted to be able to do things to each other that we would get in trouble for in a strip club; including making out, stripping each other, and touching and licking each other.

We eventually found the girl we wanted. Her name was Jade, and from the pictures on the MyAsianEscorts website, she was very attractive. She had a petite body, with pretty big, fake breasts. She looked Japanese and had long dark hair. My boyfriend called her to see if she was available, and she was. When James told her we were just looking for someone to dance for us, she laughed a little, but agreed and gave us a discounted rate for her time.

My Vegas Asian Escort

James and I proceeded to slam as many drinks that would go down. We were both totally nervous. Someone eventually knocked on our hotel door. It was Jade, and she was just as attractive in real life as she was in the photos. Thank god! She came in and we started making small talk. Eventually we started talking about what was going to happen during her time with us. We explained that we just wanted someone to dance erotically for us.

We wanted her to leave her panties on, but everything else could go. A request that was probably pretty different from the usual for her. We also made sure that she was comfortable with whatever James and I wanted to do to each other. She was fine with everything. We brought our iPod radio and started the music. As it turned out, hotel rooms are not the best for getting dances. The logistics were a little awkward. We couldn’t really sit on the bed and have her dance above us. The edge of the bed was awkward. We eventually pulled two table chairs together and made it work. It was a little bit like what’s described in this The Atlantic article.

The touching and kissing was so much more fun without the risk of getting thrown out of the club. James was able to strip off my top and lick and kiss my exposed breasts. He also unzipped my pants and went to work downstairs. I on the other hand, was able to do the same for James — all while Jade was prancing around in her panties and grinding her naked body against ours.

The night was great and ended the way we had wanted, us getting horny, paying her and spending the rest of the night together, in bed, doing it. This experience was great for our relationship. It showed us that we are open to many experiences and respect each others boundaries. I know we will do this again someday, but I hope that the two of us will be a little more relaxed and just have fun with it. Who knows what kind of trouble we could get into!