Gluten Free Dining At Home

Going out to eat? Before you do, prepare yourself by knowing where to find the gluten in a typical restaurant and what to order instead. Drinks Beer is not gluten-free, so have a glass of wine, champagne, sake (Japanese rice wine) or a cocktail (distilled alcohol is thought to be OK even if it comes […]

Outdoor Dining For Home Entertaining

To me, warmer weather means outdoor dining and relaxed entertaining. Who can resist the draw of a Summer breeze on a deck, patio or apartment balcony?! As long as you have some outdoor space you can enjoy stylish outdoor dining. Decor Pad pictures makes it so easy to fall in love with design and their […]

Planning An Entertaining Home Dinner

Creating menus for special occasions or family meals is, for me, a pleasurable challenge. It can be for you, as well. Simply keep a few guidelines in mind. Consider, for example, how much you can spend, the food preferences of family and guests, the type of occasion, the time of year, the weather, availability of […]

Home Dining On A Budget to Save Money

When I watched Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares UK Special this past January, he didn’t hold back about some of his own successful restaurants suffering due to the credit crunch. That was true for dining establishments worldwide, with some popular high-quality favorites unable to survive it. Locally, Vancouver lost Chow, Gastropod (where Maenam now serves up […]

Easy Tips For The Home Gardener

Gardening is one of the most rewarding home hobbies you can do. It’s fun, sustainable and you get healthy, tasty results. A lot of people like the idea of gardening but find excuses like it’s too time consuming, it’s too expensive, they don’t have enough space, blah blah blah. There’s no room for excuses when […]